Meet the team of embossers

Highly motivated team of embossers


Extraordinary team


AI Engineer

iMan Ranjbar

Senior Machine Learning Engineer Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Python Developer


Digital Marketing

Maria H.

Market planning, marketing strategy, product marketing


Web Developer

Mojgan Ahmadi

Fullstack Web Developer, Project Manager and Software Team Manager. Skilled in PHP, JavaScript, Vuejs, MySQL, API, Git, PWA


iOS Developer

Vahid Sayad

iOS development, Deep learning


Digital Marketing

Lisa Li.

Digital marketing specialist, campaign manager,Youtube ads manager


Founder | CEO

Manny Movahedi

Leadership and motivation, iOS development, Deep learning

How to become a embosser?

Team of Advisors

Extraordinary team of passionate doctors


Medical Advisor

Dr. Darius Francescatti MD

Board certified general surgeon with a practice solely limited to breast oncology.


Medical Advisor

Dr. Fatima Taghizadeh MD

GP, Researcher in Breast Cancer Screening Methods. Breast cancer survivor's mentor.


Medical Advisor

Dr. Naser Safi MD

GP, Scientist, Researcher in NBML


Culture Advisor

Ahdieh Farokhi Eng.

Passionate researcher. Culture advisor and consultant


Technical Advisor

Prof. Wellington dos Santos

Federal University of Pernambuco
Professor of the Biomedical Engineering, with research in Digital Image Processing Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems. 


Research Advisor

Prof. S.Mohammadreza Heibati

École de technologie supérieure Le génie pour l'industrie 
Montréal, Québec.

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