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Everything you need to know about breast cancer

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is caused by abnormal growth of cells in the breast and can lead to benign or malignant tumors. The growth and proliferation of benign cells stops after a while, but the growth of malignant tumors continues. Breast cancer occurs in both women and men, but is generally more common in women.

The breast is a very sensitive and active organ of the body and reacts to changes that occur in the body. In general, the breasts may be sensitive to changes inside and outside the body, eating, drinking, etc.

Chest pain may be temporary or shooting, but it is usually only serious when it causes temporary discomfort.

When to take breast pain seriously?

Sometimes breast pain persists and increases in severity, so we should take this type of chest pain seriously, but do not worry, the best thing to do is to see a doctor to check the cause of the pain by performing the relevant tests.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer in women?

In general, breast cancer, like other cancers, has symptoms in most cases, and if a person has the necessary knowledge about the symptoms and how to diagnose breast cancer, he will certainly see a specialist at a better and earlier time and eventually get a better result. Here are some of these symptoms:

Changes in menstruation
Deformity in the nipple
The pain does not go away until after the next period and is constant and gets worse over time.
A new lump that does not go away until after your next period.
Clear, red, brown or yellow discharge from the tip of one of the breasts

Redness and swelling
Enlargement of axillary lymph node masses
Visible vein on the chest
Dipping or turning the nipple inward
Enlargement of one of the breasts
Itchy skin and skin rash or pimples on the chest
Swelling or mass around the collarbone or under the arms
Hard mass with irregular corners

Depression at the level of the breasts
An old mass that has gotten bigger
The skin texture is in the form of orange peel
Weight loss for no reason
If you have one or two of the above symptoms, you can not say for sure that you have breast cancer. If you notice any of the symptoms, see your doctor for a thorough examination.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer in men?

The symptoms of breast cancer in men are the same as a number of symptoms in women. Here are some of the symptoms of breast cancer:

Presence of a lump in the breast, without pain
Thickening of the breast
Changes in the nipple or skin of the breast, such as fading, spotting, or redness
Discharge of fluid from the nipple

If you check your breasts yourself, you may feel nodular or suspicious, all of which is not a cause of cancer, and the nodule you felt may be a mammary gland or calcium deposit, you just have to Talk to your doctor.

What should a normal breast look like?

Many women ask what the natural shape of the breast is so that if our breasts look different, we will notice cancer! ? There is no definitive answer to this question because the shape of the breast varies from person to person. In fact, there is no such thing as a normal breast. Each person has a different breast shape according to genetics and environmental factors in different time conditions such as menstruation, pregnancy, obesity and weight loss, aging, drug use. You just have to look for abnormal breast symptoms.

Risk factors that lead to breast cancer.

Genetic mutations throughout life
Date of onset of the first menstrual period and date of menopause (The lower the age of onset and the older the age, the greater the risk of cancer).
History of breast cancer in family or individual
Non-cancerous breast diseases
Overweight and obesity
Inactivity and not exercising
Consumption of female hormones (for contraception and alternative treatment after menopause)
History of pregnancy without delivery
Delivery after the age of 30 and not breastfeeding the baby before that
Consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco
High dose radiation