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My Breast Cancer Journey – Victoria

We asked some of the women who were touched by #breastcancer to share their stories with us, special thanks to Victoria for sharing her inspiring story🥰:


“I’m Victoria and I’m 34. I first noticed a lump in my breast in October last year. I’ve always described my breasts as a bit “lumpy” much to my friends’ amusement, so I didn’t think too much of it. By November this all changed. My breast started to feel a little tender, and it was painful in my nipple if I did exercise. By January, many ultrasounds, mammograms, and biopsy later, I was told I had stage 3 breast cancer. Since then I’ve had my eggs frozen, been diagnosed as having a mutation in my ATM gene (which makes breast cancer more likely), and completed 3 rounds of chemotherapy. My tumors are thankfully shrinking and I’m feeling positive about the future. Just 3 more rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstruction, approximately 20 doses of radiotherapy, and 9 more months of intravenous hormone therapy to go …

I set up @vicsbreastcancerstory to help raise awareness about checking yourself regardless of your age and to demystify the treatment process.”

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We’re so inspired by your stories at TalosApp. We’re developing a portrait series that tells short stories of women who have been touched by breast cancer. If you’d be interested in sharing, we’d love for you to submit a photo and a quick paragraph of your journey to

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