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My Breast Cancer Journey – Joanna

We asked some of the women who were touched by #breastcancer to share their stories with us, special thanks to Joanna for sharing her inspiring story🥰:


“5 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 2 HER2+ breast cancer at the young age of 28. I can still remember exactly how I felt in that moment when my consultant said “I’m so sorry, it’s breast cancer” – still to this day it sends shivers down my spine and sometimes I think, wow, did that really happen to me. Then I am back in reality and it absolutely happened to me and I lived and breathed that journey. I still do. My future shifted, I thought I would be having a child, instead, I looked at everyone else giving life whilst I was making sure I was doing everything to save mine. Life-long friends left and strangers stepped up, but my support network was incredible and I am so blessed.
Still, 5 years on I battle the demons, but I thrive and I make sure that inspire and spread awareness where I can.”

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We’re so inspired by your stories at TalosApp. We’re developing a portrait series that tells short stories of women who have been touched by breast cancer. If you’d be interested in sharing, we’d love for you to submit a photo and a quick paragraph of your journey to

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