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My Breast Cancer Journey – Constance

We asked some of the women who were touched by #breastcancer to share their stories with us, special thanks to Constance for sharing her inspiring story🥰:


“When I had just found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks I developed a lump. I thought nothing of it because I assumed it was a clogged duct but unfortunately at my 10-week Obgyn appt I found out it was stage 2tnbc. I went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 surgeries with my baby. He was born 34 weeks perfect and healthy. I, however, moved to stage 3 a week after he was born. I had a reoccurrence while undergoing taxol chemo in my mastectomy scar. Breast cancer is scary, unwavering, and so hard on your body. Just like any kind of cancer, it changes your life but it’s up to you to change it for the better. Being grateful to live each day is something cancer gave me. It’s not rainbows and sunshine but it’s something.”

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We’re so inspired by your stories at TalosApp. We’re developing a portrait series that tells short stories of women who have been touched by breast cancer. If you’d be interested in sharing, we’d love for you to submit a photo and a quick paragraph of your journey to

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