Breast Health Self Screening

Easy as taking a selfie! (Private)

Available for IOS and Android*
Perform self-screening for breast anomaly with your phone.

Why you need it and how it works?

Talos App wants to empower you to check your breast health for signs of anomaly such as cancer.

Our technology analyzes your thermal photo ( anonymously ) and gives you an instant risk score and advice on what you should do next, so that you can see a doctor in time, if needed.

Talos App helps to detect breast anomaly at an early stage when it’s most treatable and needs less expensive treatment options.


Keep your breast healthy by taking selfie!


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Reserve your screening

Reserve your screening date which we will mail your package for screening at your place.


Take a selfie

Take a photo of your breast. Private and anonymous.


Get your breast health score

Within 30 seconds, you'll receive a health indication, detailing whether it is recommended to visit a doctor for further examination or to check regularly for any changes.

*DISCLAIMER: we are not a hardware company and we are not producing thermal camera. Talos App is a wellness app and is not intended to replace traditional methods of evaluating breast health level, is not a diagnosis, and is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional. Note: You can purchase or rent the thermal camera separately. To make it easier for you we are willing to place an order for you on. 



First Breast Self-Screening App


Frequently asked questions

Talos app is free for time being to support the early detection of breast anomaly.

Yes! It is non-contact, non-invasive, non-radiative and not painful, and a totally safe diagnostic procedure which is suitable for long-term and repeating use.

Yes, Talos app works with a team of experienced medical doctors.

Yes, We have privacy options of on-fly which means we don't store any image or information. In addition, thermal images are grayscale x-ray look images and these kind of images are totally anonymize as well as your information which is only your email address.

Total Anonymously

When you sign-up, you have two options to manage your data.



On-fly ( Delete as you go )

Images are not stored in our database and will not show-up in your app’s history. It means you have to save your report in your phone manually.



Images will be encrypted and stored anonymously in a highly-secured server. It cannot be accessed from outside and it will only connect with your account and can be deleted from your app.

Research & Clinical Trials

Artificial Intelligence Evidences

Screen Shot 1400-01-12 at 12.10.55

AI Talos: A case study of AI-Powered software for breast cancer...

This necessitates a study of relevant previous, current, and necessary future research on thermal imaging and DL for breast cancer detection should be considered of paramount importance. Read More

Screen Shot 1400-01-12 at 12.11.16

Artificial Intelligence As A Diagnostic Tool In Breast Cancer Thermography

One of the most common diseases that play a leading role in the death of women is breast cancer which is very difficult for countries’ healthcare system to treat, specifically in its advanced stages.In the past, the temperature of human body was used as a health diagnostic tool.  Read More

Screen Shot 1400-01-12 at 12.10.55

AI Talos Breast Cancer Detection using Thermal Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer among women. There are more than 18 types of breast cancer. It is estimated that over 42,170 people died of breast cancer in the year 2020 and 276,480 new cases were found. Several standard screening techniques are used for early... Read More

DISCLAIMER | The Talos App service is not intended to replace traditional methods of evaluating breast health level, is not a diagnosis, and is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional. The Talos App service is not intended for use on children. We are not providing any kind of camera and thermal camera must be purchased by the user or you can ask us to place an order for you.

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