Meet your Personalized Breast health Checkup

TalosCam by AiTalos is a thermal camera. You can use it to image your breast tissue and to ensure they are receiving the attention they need.
* Please note that TalosCam is not a diagnostic or a therapeutic device. It is intended for imaging, archiving and communication only.

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Breast Cancer and How we can help?

We want to empower you to check your breast health for signs of anomaly such as cancer.

Our technology analyzes your thermal photo ( anonymously ) and gives you an instant health score and advice on what you should do next, so that you can see a doctor in time, if needed.

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Breast Cancer Facts

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Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women.


1 in 8 Girls and Women will develop a breast cancer in their lifetime.


Early detection is key to survival! 

How does it works?

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Attach TalosCam

The TalosCam attaches to your smartphone, it is compatible with the most popular brands and models.


Shoot a picture

Take a photo of your breast. Private and anonymous.


Get your breast health score

Within 30 seconds, you'll receive a health indication, detailing whether it is recommended to visit a doctor for further examination or to check regularly for any changes.

Order TalosCam

To perform self-screening feature you need a compact thermal camera which can be used by your phone (iOS/Android)



Early Access to the TalosCam & Please give me 50% Discount Code

* Get notify when TalosCam become available

First Breast Self-Screening Solution


Frequently asked questions

Talos app is free for time being to support the early detection of breast anomaly.

Yes! It is non-contact, non-invasive, non-radiative and not painful, and a totally safe diagnostic procedure which is suitable for long-term and repeating use.

Yes, Talos app works with a team of experienced medical doctors.

Yes, We have privacy options of on-fly which means we don't store any image or information. In addition, thermal images are grayscale x-ray look images and these kind of images are totally anonymize as well as your information which is only your email address.

DISCLAIMER | The Talos App service is not intended to replace traditional methods of evaluating breast health level, is not a diagnosis, and is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional. The Talos App service is not intended for use on children. We are not providing any kind of camera and thermal camera must be purchased by the user or you can ask us to place an order for you.

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